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Rainbow Dorm Diaries

Rainbow Dorm Diaries is set in the beautiful blue mountains of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu , South India. It’s a wild ride for two new girls who find themselves in a place very different from home.

Arthi is a vibrant, 12-year old girl from Madras whose world is turned topsy-turvy by events at home. She finds herself in The Royal Academy for Young Women: a prestigious boarding school run by formidable nuns in the smoky blue hills of Nilgiris in South India. She is soon joined by Noorie: a girl from Kerala who is unhappy about this big change in her life. The two new girls must try to get over their homesickness, forge friendships and make their mark in this new school. Together the girls navigate the twists and turns of boarding life under the keen eye of the Boarding Mistress, Sister. Josephine and the chilling Principal, Sister. Rosemary. But it’s not the nuns, teachers or seniors who they must watch out for, but their own classmates.

The new girls are soon drawn into a war of words that erupts in their classroom. They must pick a side and then stand by their choices no matter the consequences. But can they survive when the atmosphere becomes hostile and unnerving? Or will they cave under the immense pressure that threatens the very fabric of their values and beliefs?